Maintenance Smartâ„¢ Cleaning Products


Product Description

A waterbased emulsion formulated to quickly eliminate foam in liquid recovery systems, extraction machines, automatic shampoo equipment, and floor scrubbers. In certain types of extraction machines, a defoamer can be sprayed directly into the recovery hose as well as recovery tank. NOTE: Any residual of defoamer left in the carpet fibers will promote resoiling at a faster rate if product was applied directly on carpet.

CAUTION: Do not apply directly onto any stain resistant carpets as it will cause the carpet to become extremely slippery.


1. Shake well before using.

2. Use full strength.

3. For excessive foam, spray defoamer directly onto foam in recovery tank as needed.

4. For carpets that have been repeatedly shampooed, spray defoamer into recovery hose and onto sides of recovery tank prior to extraction.