Maintenance Smartâ„¢ Cleaning Products


Product Description

An extremely durable, long lasting sealer/finish designed especially for terrazzo, quarry tile, brick, stone, Mexican tile, and all other non-resilient floors. Levels and adheres on all the above mentioned surfaces, leaving a durable high quality protective coating that lasts longer than most floor finishes found today.


SEALING and FINISHING: Apply a liberal coat of sealer/finish evenly with a clean mop. Allow to dry for at least 30 minutes before applying additional coats. Two or three coats may be desired initially depending on the gloss desired and the condition of the floor.

MAINTENANCE: Use a treated dust mop for the removal of surface dirt and grit. Mop or scrub with a neutral or all-purpose cleaner to remove all soil. After cleaning touch up traffic lanes as necessary or recoat the entire floor. If spray buffing is desired, dust mop floor thoroughly and buff using a spray buff or polishing pad.