PreTreat Plus

Maintenance Smart™ Cleaning Products


Product Description

Pretreat Plus is specially formulated with Soil Guard™2000, for bonnet buffing as an interim system that is fast, uses low moisture, and dries quickly to maintain a high quality appearance level. An excellent prespray on high traffic lanes of carpet prior to extraction cleaning. The built-in emulsifier dissolves the stubborn greasy soil for deep cleaning, and more importantly, reduces the resoiling rate of the carpet. Does not contain any optical brighteners.

The new Soil Guard™2000 cleaning technology incorporates DuPont Zonyl® Soil and Stain Protector to deliver a Traffic & Bonnet Cleaner that cleans carpets faster and more efficiently than any product on the market today. This product is most effective on carpets that have been previously treated with a mill-applied fluorochemical stain-resistant treatment.


Vacuum carpet thoroughly. Test carpet for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area before any method of cleaning. If the carpet is staintreated, it is not necessary to spot clean prior to cleaning. If the carpet is untreated, spot clean first. Always dilute product before use. For heavily soiled areas dilute 1:10 (13 oz. Per gallon of water), for moderate soiled areas, 1:20 (6 ó oz. Per gallon of water).

First Method: Prespray- dilute product in sprayer and spray over soiled areas. Allow to dwell 5 minutes then follow up with the extraction method.

Second Method: Bonnet Buffing- For lightly soiled carpets or rugs, dilute one part product to 16 parts water (8 oz. per gallon of water) and add to pump up sprayer. Prespray the carpet and bonnet until wet to touch of the hand, then rotary bonnet buff. Submerged Method- for heavily soiled areas, and medium drying time (20-30 minutes) dilute 8 oz. Per gallon of water in a wringer bucket, submerge bonnet, wring out thoroughly then proceed to buff with rotary machine. For greater results, use two buckets and two bonnets. One for rinsing and the second for cleaning solution.

Third Method: Use rotary machine with a solution tank. Pour the diluted prespray into the tank, release through a flow-thru bonnet driver into the bonnet and proceed to buff. Use caution to not over/wet the car